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Bethel Presbyterian Church is known for being a "Beacon of Light" on the corner of 19th & York. For many years we have provided various services to the community with hopes of strengthening it. We take the responsibility of being an aid to those community who suffer from economical hardships. We are also trying to provide adequate support for these members so they can in return utilized to help support themselves and family. 

Seniors Ministry

A ministry for Seniors in the church and community.  They meet once a month (4th Monday) and have lunch, speakers (for topics current for them) and have travel on trips.  The ministry was developed 14 years ago to provide some social and spiritual reflection for seniors who seem to be non connected in the church and community.

19th & York After school 

This program was put into place to create a safe haven  for students to come and receive homework help and tutoring. This program also offers mentor-ship and guidance to the students so that they will become more confident in themselves, to be more effective with their studies. We meet weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays from  4 PM - 6 PM. Light refreshments are always served to all students who attend.

Summer Camp

Our youth summer camp was founded     years ago. This annual and themed summer camp was created to serve the youth during the summer months. This program gives them the opportunity to be more productive learning about the word of God while making new friends. This camp is also a safe haven from the outside community creating productivity with their daily life structure.

Food Ministry

This program started six years ago, when the need started to arise in our church community to help keep food on the table during the month.  Many of our neighbors and community members are faced with poverty struggling from day to day and need help with making it.  So, we prepared food bags for them to take home and help to keep something in refrigerator or in the cupboard for two to three days at the toughest time of the month.

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Saturday Family Style Meal

Bethel's Saturday meal program was started     years ago. This program was put into place to feed those members in the community who do not have access to a home-cooked meal. This program serves men women and children and offers them the opportunity to sit down with others and to have a family style meal. This meal is served on Saturdays between 4 PM - 6 PM.

Flo Dia Boutique

Flo Dia boutique was a missional program that was create to give away clothes and shoes that were donated to the church. This program came about after the dire need for clothing and shoes surfaced in our surrounding community. This particular program also helps families out during the holiday seasons with their annual bazaars. Donations are always accepted. 

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